This is a water simulation tool demo I made in the Godot Engine. 

Source code and tutorial soon!!



  • Press LMB to spawn rock
  • Use mouse to control the sliders and make your own settings
  • Hover mouse over the properties to see a explanation for each variable.

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Water_Tutorial.rar 44 kB


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Very very helpful! Thank you so much for this content, I love it!

good working, dude!

I've learned a lot

I'm really glad you like it :)))

Damn this is graeat! Where did you learn to make stuff like this?

Thank you!! Well a lot of trial and error hahahaa I searched it a lot until I found a page with the theory behind it. Once I got the hang of it I managed to implement it using godot. It was not so easy tho

Thanks so much for this! How would one go about implementing the water and spline resistance in the code though? Cheers :)

you could probably make splines using curves/bezier curves which are mathematical functions, if you're looking on making it from scratch :)). the water resistance is given by a constant in the spring function that us used for the water simulation

Is ↑ the source code.

By the way, it is cool.☺

yup!! the whole project is there for you to download :)


Can the water made like this be poured from one container to the other?


No, it can't! This water simulation just deals with wave physics on the surface

Great, thanks! What version of Godot was it compiled with?


It was compiled with godot 3.3, but it probably works with any version above 3.0, really, maybe less. There are no sofisticated commands in there

Great, Godot its need addon like this, good job, keep going!!!!!!

Thank you!!! Yeah! I'm actually thinking of making this a addon to people can use!! It will be great :D

Geodude Used Summon Rock

This proves rock is super effective against water. Change my mind